The Encompass Gas Group, Inc. was founded in 1955 by Richmond Bertrand in Rockford, Illinois, as Rockford Industrial Welding Supply. In 1986, his son, Gary Bertrand, purchased the business, and today, his children are employed by the company as well.  In 2012, Rockford Industrial Welding Supply was re-named The Encompass Gas Group, Inc., to better reflect our broad product offerings and services across a wide customer base. 

At Encompass, we make it convenient for our customers by "doing it all". We do this by integrating all phases of business into one supplier. For example, we offer bulk gas and micro bulk systems as well as providing fully integrated pipeline system packages. The future of our business is in branch and product development, and placing our associates in positions within the company where they can grow and succeed. Everyone member of the Encompass team is important, which why we do not refer to the men and women who work for Encompass as "employees" but rather as "associates". We all play a role in the success of the business.